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Savannah Lambert
2015-11-03, 16:38
This course was fast paced, intriguing, and fun! I learned more than I ever expected and this class has made me love the industry! The instructors are wonderful and Im actually sad to be leaving.
John Norris
2015-11-03, 16:38
This course was challenging, but fun! The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. The keep the class fun.
Kelly Rogers
2015-11-03, 16:37
I had a wonderful experience at Knoxville PBSA! Instructs were very knowledgable, and the classes were very engaging/fun! I have recommended this program to many friends! Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Marlo Bautista
2015-11-03, 16:37
I came across the school on a drive by and stopped to check it out. Matt, instructor available at the time, was very welcoming, greeted me, and gave me a tour of the school. Having taken a similar course over 13 years ago, I had doubts I wouldn't learn much different. I enrolled anyway (2 weeks later) just because of the passion I have for bartending and the placement rate they advertised. To my surprise, I picked up on their methods for remembering more drinks. They taught not only from the textbook but also from their experience. This combination is effective in making anyone into a Professional Mixologist and not just someone who knows how to tend bar. The classes wherever interesting and lively, nd yet kept very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone with he least bit of interest in bartending to taking the course taught by Matt and Jeramy.
Hamid Tellez-Lieberman
2015-05-11, 22:20
The school is very well equipped to provide a huge educational experience. The class is not only extremely helpful for work, but it is an excellent life experience and has already improved my social drinking experience and has helped me enjoy and respect the bartending field.
Rocky H.
2015-04-20, 17:17
words can’t even begin to describe my experience. This has been such a great time. By far the best teachers I have ever had. very friendly and extremely knowledgable. I would retake this course for fun again and again. If you are thinking about being a bartender this is THE place to be trained.
Matt M.
2015-04-20, 17:16
This bartending school is the bees knees. It’s a lot of useful information, it’s taught extremely well. If you try, you will succeed.
Blake H.
2015-04-20, 17:16
This class went above and beyond what I could have expected. The instructors were extremely resourceful and very relatable. I enjoyed coming to class after work. It was always the highlight of my day.
Tammy Childs
2015-04-07, 14:02
I found this course extremely helpful. Both Matt and Jeramy really care and have great teaching methods. They make you comfortable and keep you on your toes at the same time. I will and have recommended this class.
Amy King
2015-03-31, 16:26
After taking this course I feel completely prepared to get out and work as a proffesional Bartender. Matt and Jeramy have fun and unique teaching styles that make the learning process much easier. In two weeks I’ve gained a skill that will last my lifetime, and I can take it anywhere.
Chip Hooks
2015-03-31, 16:25
PBSK far exceeded my expectations. course material was thorough and very comprehensive. Matt and Jeramy are very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely fun. Class was a great experience overall.
JT Street
2015-03-25, 15:42
I really enjoyed my time at the Professional Bartending School of Knoxville. Matt and Jeramy are very knowledgeable and helpful with the material. They did a fantastic job overall.
Kristie Harvey
2015-03-18, 16:14
I really enjoyed the course. The classroom is awesome. Both instructors are very knowledgeable, and patient. The Job placement program is really great. I already have a job lined up on my graduation day.
Bobby Graczyk
2015-03-10, 15:52
Bartending school gave me a chance to branch out into a new field that I had no idea about. The staff here are great and take the time to make sure you know the material. Bartending school is definitely worth the investment. It helps you to branch out into a job that you have never experienced. I feel more confident leaving here and going into the real world with what i have learned.
Mariah Brown
2015-03-10, 15:51
My experience here has definitely been awesome! It was not anything I expected and a lot more challenging than what I thought. I loved the hands on experience that was available as well as the written material. The atmosphere of the school was very laid back and I will recommend this place always!
Cameron Hite
2015-03-10, 15:51
My time spent at the PBSK campus was absolutely incredible! I learned a lot more than I thought I would ever know about bartending and mixology. I’m eternally grateful to have had the greatest most enthusiastic instructors (Matt and Jeramy) who genuinely helped me with completing the course. this course was fun, rigorous at times, and highly educational, but above all, It was a great life experience. thanks Matt and Jeramy.
Jennifer Raines
2015-02-10, 22:39
I’m very glad I chose PBSK. My first contact was with Jeramy. He was very professional, Knowledgable and inviting. My class instructor was Matt. He is very Knowledgable, professional, helpful and extremely patient. I Honestly couldn’t have done it with-out him. I would recommend PBSK to anyone considering entering the bartending field.
Jarred Peterson
2015-02-10, 22:38
I recommend PBS at Knoxville without reservation! The entire experience was very stimulating and rewarding. Matt and Jeramy are both masters of the craft, and they both have the patience and personality that makes great instructors. The material was presented in a manner that was not overwhelming while still being challenging. I was especially impressed with the life-like bar set up, which was quite conducive to quality practice experiences.
Mike Bazoian
2015-02-03, 02:52
Thank you for the wonderful experience while attending you school. I cannot explain how much I learned and how comfortable you have made me feel during my time at Pbsa of Knoxville. I highly recommend your school to both current and want-to-be Bartenders. You both made me feel welcomed and I know you cared and had my best interest in mind through out the course. Your styles of teaching made it easy to learn and extremely enjoyable. thank you for taking so much time to ensure that I learned Professional Mixology the correct way. I know this will be a huge benefit as I enter the Market.
Alexander Price
2015-02-03, 02:51
When i started out in the bartending school my parents were skeptical about the program, Butt Matt and Jeramy cleared everything up. when starting i had average knowledge of types of drinks I like and thought it was going to be easy, was i wrong! Even though the memorization of drink preparation and ingredients is overwhelming I kept studying harder and harder at the school and at home. With the pushing and positive outlook the instructors helped me persevere threw the program and helped me graduate in the end. this was a huge leap in my career, knowledge and and being. this is a fun challenging, entertaining and great program to take. To anyone who is thinking about doing this SIGN UP!!!
Sherna Forney
2015-01-27, 14:41
I enjoyed my time at the Professional Bartending School of Knoxville. Teachers are professional and knowledgeable, classes are convenient and flexible for my schedule, classes are usually small so there’s always space to practice. I would recommend this school to anyone pursuing bartending.
Zack Tarver
2015-01-06, 15:42
The Professional Bartending School of Knoxville truly exceeded my expectations. The Learning environment enhanced the experience. The best part is that i had so much fun. At times, I forgot that I was going to class to learn how to properly bartend. The staff and other students were enjoyable to be around and made all of the difference in my overall learning experience.
Jack Lowery
2015-01-06, 15:41
Forget Summer Camp, Send your loved ones here! What you learn can be used anywhere and is very relevant to adult life. I can’t think of a better way to spend 2 weeks and learn something o fun and meaningful.
2014-12-26, 16:22
The course was great. Everyday I looked forward to coming to class and learning something new. the hands on experience really made me feel comfortable behind the bar. Matt and Jeramy are great instructors!
2014-12-26, 16:21
Making the choice to come here was seriously one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. the atmosphere is fun. the instructors really know their stuff and are very helpful and encouraging. You get to learn in a lecture and hands on approach so it suits any type of learner. absolutely recommend this program!!
Bradley Strunk
2014-12-17, 15:41
going to school here was definitely an experience i would do again. the instructors were great and very helpful. They relate to you on a such a level, it’s like your friend teaching the class. They crack jokes and stuff but they also teach you all you need to know about bartending plus some. I will recommend this place to anyone interested in the bartending field. I will honestly stop by this place every so often just to BS and talk with these guys.
joey johnson
2014-12-11, 17:49
The professional bartending school was a great experience and worthy investment. the in-depth material that we covered has given me an understanding of mixology and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and becoming a solid bartender for the next 10 years. The guys at the bar school exceeded my expectations as instructors and cool individuals.
Dominic Lapier
2014-12-11, 17:48
My experience at the Bartending school exceeded my expectations. Matt and Jeramy are fantastic teachers and are extremely helpful. I’d recommend this school to anyone that is considering bartending professionally
Lanita Johnston
2014-11-26, 16:55
The Bartending school experience was great. The Instructor creates a very professional atmosphere and provide a lot of helpful information. I came into the school Knowing absolutely nothing about bartending and I’m leaving very knowledgeable.
Josh Myers
2014-11-26, 16:55
The school was professional, fun, and informative. You can feel comfortable at home. oh yeah, don’t become an alcoholic.
danielle schetter
2014-11-26, 16:54
One of the best things I’ve done for myself. So worth it. plus these guys make it fun and the whole place has a very open and friendly feel to it.
Mikala Rollins
2014-11-17, 22:15
I’ve wanted to be a bartender for as long as I can Remember. This program bad been reassuring that i can do it! thanks Matt and Jeramy! Lets make some money!
Elizabeth Parsley
2014-10-21, 19:43
Matt and Jeramy are awesome! they really care about their students and show it. I would recommend this school to anyone! I really enjoyed this experience.
Allison Schipp
2014-10-21, 19:43
Bartending school was an awesome way to learn a new trade all while having fun. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Travis Greene
2014-10-21, 19:42
The overall experience for the course was excellent. The instructors were professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with.
Ashley Jellema
2014-10-21, 19:41
P.B.S.K. is the place to go if you’re looking for something new! The instructors are very knowledgeable of the bartending industry and are more than wiling to help you achieve the goals set forth. Jeramy and Matt are a dynamic duo when it comes to the proper order of running this school. I highly recommend taking this course.
Robbie Gaiser
2014-10-06, 22:54
Knoxville bartending school is the only school that i have given 100% to. Jeramy and Matt are awesome teachers, and will take time to help you out at anytime. if your interested in bartending definitely check it out.
2014-09-17, 17:38
I enjoyed the class, kind of hate to leave. It was very helpful and fun. I believe that after leaving this class i can go out and be a great mixologist, thanks Matt and Jeramy.
Carrie Farmer
2014-05-27, 09:02
I am so proud i took this class not only was it in a very manageable time limit, it was extremely fun as well as extremely educational. the people here are so much fun!! if i can pass anyone can!! good luck!!
Robin W.
2013-06-24, 12:51
Very professional and talented instructors. Training methods are well constructed and instill in you the information and techniques to last a lifetime. Very honored to be a graduate.
Alex S.
2013-06-17, 14:10
The school is a great experience. With lots of hands on practice, it is very easy to quickly become familiar and comfortable behind the bar. The teachers are very helpful and friendly, and you can get plenty of personal attention and help.
Karlie B
2013-06-17, 13:27
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the bartending school. Although I had schedule conflicts, the instructors worked with me to find make up classes, and I still finished the course in 2 weeks. I now feel very comfortable behind the bar making all different kinds of drinks. Some equipment could use an update, but what is here currently is definitely substantial for learning all the basics and proper techniques. I've already used a lot of what I've learned, and I can't wait to use it more in the future!
Trey K.
2013-06-17, 13:10
Bartending school was fun! The staff was nice, and the behind the bar experience was great. The Staff taught me a lot more what goes on behind the bar than i thought. If anyone is considering bartending. I recommend this place!
Jeremy K
2013-04-15, 14:36
The instructors are great and will help you succeed, however the school building itself is in need of updating. To fully simulate a bar experinece they need to refunish and improve the classroom conditions. SImple things such as plumbing and having a " bar standard" to proactice changing bottles etc.

An overall pleasant experience and would recommend to friends, just with the hope that it will be updated in the near future.
Dawn L
2013-04-08, 14:42
great informative class with awesome instructors who will work with you and make sure you excell.
Lucas B.
2013-04-08, 14:40
Bartending School was a wonderful experience. I had a Blast! I had a wonderful Instructer David Edwards he really taught me alot. This is a wonderful school and I loved every minute of it!!!
Tanisha J.
2013-04-03, 15:20
Bartending school was a great experience for me. The instructor made everything comprehendable and I would recommend it to anybody.
2013-03-28, 15:05
I had a blast in this class. It was really fun and simple. I have no complaints
2013-03-28, 15:03
This was a very fun class to take and they made it easy to learn the drinks. The bartendeing instructors take their time to make sure u grasp everything.
Laci Chauvin
2013-02-18, 14:08
Professional Bartending School was an amazing experience. I felt like they really cared about their students. My teacher was very helpful thorughout the entire class. He always done anything he could to make sure that we understood the lesson. Over all i feel that this is a great school with great teachers. I will recommend this school to everybody! Thank you for this great experience!
2012-12-16, 07:13
I feel so much happier now I understand all this. Thanks!
2012-08-26, 09:52
Knoxville bartending school was fast, easy and very fun! The instructors are very friendly and helpful and will always be there to help you, I am very pleased with this school and will Recommend it to everybody :)
2012-04-02, 09:54
Chelsey N
2012-04-02, 09:53
PBSA is the best school I have ever attended. The instructors were all very helpfull in helping me remember and study right. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Tori Burchfield
2012-04-02, 00:00
Had fun while learning bartending. Practicing everyday behind the bar really helps to drive home the drinks. Can't wait to start bartending.
Stacey Hayes
2012-02-13, 09:56
John was a great teacher and helped me throughout the course. It was fun, went by fast, and I look forward to applying for jobs now.
Elizabeth Walker
2012-02-13, 09:55
John was an amazing teacher and very helpful! i would recommend this class to everyone.
2011-12-21, 09:57
A great place to learn the craft and I was able to learn at my own pace. The instructors cared very much about me learning how to be a bartender.
Kaitlyn Breiding
2011-11-21, 09:58
Definately an enjoyable experience!! The instructors were beyond helpful both in the classroom and helping me with my crazy schedule. I feel like I aquired a good base knowledge and thorough understanding of the material and would like to give a BIG THANKS to all!
Leslie Daffron Martin
2011-11-14, 09:58
My experience at the Professional Bartending School of Knoxville was amazing! I learned more than I ever thought I would and made some wonderful memories doing so. The staff is awesome! They were very friendly and knowledgeable. I can't thank them enough!
Steve Grubbs
2011-10-17, 09:40
Great class. All instructors were very fun and informative. Techniques to remember drinks are unique and unforgetable, I would reccomend this class to anyone considering to Bartend.
Jennifer Swiger
2011-10-10, 09:39
Course is very challenging, but the staff want you to succeed. Its a great way to prepare for a bartending job. Just be sure to study and practice and you will do fine!
Brandi Hittman-Orr
2011-10-10, 09:38
I dont think there was anything i disliked or would change about the school. The teachers are super helpful and making class fun. I'm so glad to be graduated but sad to leave school. Thanks for everything!
Shelia Martin
2011-10-10, 09:36
Had a great time at the school. Very fun and friendly atomosphere. Awesome teachers.
Jeremy Edens
2011-10-10, 09:35
I really enjoyed going to the Knoxville Bartending school the Instructors were great and very nurturing if you study for an hour each night they will get you through the course even if you are having trouble. And personally I really look forward to going out and making them and their school look good applying what I have learned.
john champlin
2011-10-03, 09:34
This school was fun and most informitive. Was good to learn the basics there is always more to learn though.
Samantha Pike
2011-10-03, 09:34
You get lots of practice time and one on one time with the instructors which really helps your skill and confidence. All of the word clues are great and really made a difference in learning and remembering all the drinks!
Chuck Elswick Hr
2011-09-29, 09:32
I have many friends who are bartenders and i have always wanted to be one so now that my kids have grown and moved away i can do what i have wanted to do for many years. I feel like with my business back ground and dealing with people every day (which i really enjoy) will help me in the bartending business. The knoxville bartending school has give me the confidence to go out and do my job and have fun at it.
Paul Campbell
2011-09-26, 09:31
The course was great but i dont think i could have done it with out our great teacher vick he does a really great job the campus is really nice and easy to find the hours are very good with my scheduale.
Kelci Fleming
2011-09-26, 09:30
The school was a lot of fun. The instructor is very helpful and the school was very good to work with your schedule. All the employees are very nice and fun to work with! Overall great place!
jordan lewis
2011-09-26, 09:29
i thought the class was very entertaining as well as educational. all instructors did an amazing job teaching the materials in a easy and exciting way.
Josh Hennessee
2011-09-26, 09:17
It was a good learning experiance and prepared you for a career in bar tending.
brooks smith
2011-09-26, 09:15
this was a great and fun class it helped me a lot it was one of the best class and i made a bunch of friends :)
Mike Sullivan
2011-09-26, 09:14
Enjoyed the classes. The one week program is pretty difficult as is the final written. The instructors were patient and informative.
Katie Elizabeth Cravens
2011-09-26, 09:12
Bartending school was a great experience for me! The word clues and computer program was a must for me and really helped me in my quest to memorize all the drinks. I had a lot of fun every night and class flew by. It is a great place to make friends and an experience that will last a lifetime!'
vinnie funk
2011-09-18, 10:00
I like being in the bartending school I know a lot now
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